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What is Alopecia? ➖ We are more even if our hair is less!
Female alopecia remains one of the great taboos in the XXI century. Few people even today know that the most common alopecia is also a thing for women! Unfortunately, being a woman and being bald is a great taboo in our society. Therefore, it is vital to raise awareness of alopecia and support women affected by the diseases that cause hair loss. The fashion industry should keep supporting women with alopecia and remind society that every woman is beautiful.
Pisces Mystic Jewelry: Mermaid Effect

Delightful designs of the Pisces zodiac sign jewelry take you to the world of fantasy. Pisces jewelry attracts from the first glance. The more you watch it, the more fascinated you get. That's why we have called our Pisces jewelry set the "Mermaid Effect." 

Find out the meaning of the most magical sign's symbol and discover Mystic Pisces Jewelry!

Aries Mystic Jewelry: Fearlessly Authentic

Mystic J's Aries zodiac sign jewelry stands out for its bold and wild designs. Aries Mystic jewelry carries the meaning of the powerful Aries symbol.

Discover unique Avant-garde statement Aries jewelry and find out what its symbolic load stands for.

More Than Jewelry

Amarta fashion magazine interview with the creative director of Mystic J, Ekaterine Chartolani 

Can modern fashion jewelry carry a deep meaning, energy, and mystery perceived in it, and sometimes, in addition to aesthetics, add more authenticity and even fill everyday life with positive energy?

Scorpio Mystic Jewelry: Fashionably Dark and Meaningful

Scorpio zodiac sign Jewelry quickly became Mystic J's signature design. Scorpio Choker is one of the iconic pieces of Mystic J admired by jewelry lovers worldwide. Discover Scorpio zodiac sign timeless jewelry designs and the symbolic load of these enigmatic contemporary pieces.

A Brief history of Jewelry
Jewelry History is interesting since it makes us understand how, through the ages, human has been a lover of everything beautiful and eager to take care of the valuables that give their appearance a special elegance.
Must Know Silver Types For Buying the Very Best Silver Jewelry

In Mystic J, we only use two kinds of silver one is close to fine silver, an alloy of 95% silver; the remaining 5% is copper, and the second is Sterling silver 925. Our jewelry is 100% free of Nickel and Zinc. 

How to know your Ring size
There are several options when it comes to knowing what your ring size is. However, most measuring tips require taking into account your knuckle that can be bigger than your finger and the size fluctuation, which changes depending on temperature. ...
Surprising health benefits of wearing silver jewelry

We recommend choosing nickel-free, none-plated sterling silver jewelry. But it's up to you. If you prefer jewelry that is less prone to tarnishing and scratching, then rhodium-plated sterling silver is a great option. But if you want to enjoy silver health benefits, then pure sterling silver is the way to go.

Jewelry Care Tips: How to Care of Fine Jewelry
Sterling silver jewelry can be washed in warm water with baking soda or with soap softly, of course, if it isn’t black or oxidized silver. Then use a jewelry cleaning cloth and be sure to dry silver diligently as leaving it wet can cause tarnishing.