Scorpio is a fixed zodiac sign with a feminine energy ruling the 8th astrological house of sex and transformation. It is the second water zodiac sign. The symbol of the Scorpio is a scorpion, representing intensity, depth and obsessiveness. Scorpios are known for their traits like sexuality, power, and decisiveness.

The are extremely seductive and enigmatic. Scorpios are always aware of the situation and also feature prominently in resourcefulness. Scorpio can seem cautious at first, and they may set up a series of tests for their potential partner, deciding to cross them off their list if they don’t meet their needs.


A Scorpio will love harder and fight harder then others sings. Scorpios wants their partner to be sincere. Scorpios are blessed with deep sense of self, they can always say exactly what’s on their mind, even if it’s not what people want to hear. Scorpio is forthright and honest, and those two characteristics commandeer a ton of respect, both at home and at work.

Passionate and intense Scorpios know what they want and go for it. They don’t get intimidate easily and they always stand up for injustice when they see it. They have a unique sense of humor. Scorpios’ sometimes cynical take on world is creative, smart, and funny as hell.

The planet of transformation - Pluto and the planet of war -Mars are ruling Scorpio. Therefore, Scorpio don’t afraid of challenges, and they are always ready to overcome them. However, sexual relations and mystery in life are paramount for Scorpios. What is hidden is more interesting for Scorpios then what is obvious.

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