Gemini Avant-garde Ring- Ethically handmade of Sterling Silver 925. Contemporary unique design of limited edition by Mystic J for your luxury look.
Gemini Avant-garde Ring- Ethically handmade of Sterling Silver 925. Contemporary unique design of limited edition by Mystic J for your luxury look.
Gemini Avant-garde Ring & Ear Cuffs - Ethically handmade of Sterling Silver 925. Contemporary unique design of limited edition by Mystic J for your luxury look.
Gemini Avant-garde Ring & Ear Cuffs - Ethically handmade of Sterling Silver 925. Contemporary unique design of limited edition by Mystic J for your luxury look.
Gemini Avant-garde Ring- Fully handmade of Sterling Silver 925. Contemporary unique design of limited edition by Mystic J for your luxury look.
Gemini Avant-garde Ring- Fully handmade in Sterling Silver 925. Contemporary unique design of limited edition by Mystic J for your luxury look.
Gemini Avant-garde Ring- Ethically handmade of Sterling Silver 925. Contemporary unique design of limited edition by Mystic J for your luxury look.

Gemini Ring

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  • Metalli preziosi e pietre
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Dual Luxurious Touch

The Avant-garde statement Gemini ring is a luxurious touch to your original and fashionable look. The mesmerizing design of this unique ring creates an authentic, timeless style. It looks majestic worn together with other Gemini accessories from our Astrology Collection. Wear the Gemini jewelry set and tell your story with an authentic style in symmetric Avant-garde!

Unique designs of the Gemini Jewelry are inspired by the most communicable and intellectually curious zodiac sign, Gemini. The Gemini symbol is a pair of twins, primarily representing duality in terms of viewing life from different angles. Gemini stands out with qualities like communication, adaptability, curiosity, intelligence, and playfulness. We created offbeat designs to translate the mystical duality and outstanding features of the Gemini zodiac sign into fashion mystic jewelry. Gemini designs are wild, elegant, glamorous, extraordinary, and timeless at the same time.

Take your look to the next level with Mystic Jewelry!

Design unico

Tutti i nostri gioielli unici sono disegni protetti da copyright di Mystic J. Ogni pezzo che progettiamo racconta la storia; ogni curva e linea è messa lì con l'intenzione.

Eticamente fatto a mano

Tutti i processi, dal disegno alla realizzazione dei gioielli, sono completamente ed eticamente fatti a mano, compreso il packaging, Mystic Boxes, da artigiani esperti in condizioni di lavoro sicure e di qualità. Saperne di più

Metalli preziosi

Abbiamo utilizzato solo materiali di alta qualità, come argento massiccio riciclato 925-950, oro 18K-24K e altri metalli e pietre preziose.

Senza nickel

Tutti i nostri articoli sono ipoallergenici. I materiali che utilizziamo sono nichel e zinco privi al 100%.

Inciso con logo Mystic J

I nostri gioielli sono incisi con il logo Mystic J e la purezza del metallo se la superficie dell'articolo non è troppo piccola.

Edizione limitata

Poiché siamo un marchio etico, produciamo solo prodotti completamente fatti a mano; non abbiamo una produzione di massa. Quindi emettiamo i gioielli in un numero limitato.

Fatto su ordinazione

I nostri gioielli sono principalmente realizzati su ordinazione poiché i gioielli prefabbricati vengono emessi solo in piccole quantità.

Unico come te

Dal momento che tutti i processi sono eseguiti a mano e ogni articolo è realizzato esclusivamente per ogni cliente, ci si dovrebbe aspettare una variazione nel prodotto finale. Quindi ci sarà una leggera differenza nelle dimensioni del prodotto.

Poiché tutti i nostri pezzi sono completamente ed eticamente fatti a mano, emettiamo i gioielli solo in un numero limitato. Di conseguenza, la maggior parte dei nostri pezzi sono realizzati su ordinazione, quindi se il pezzo è disponibile lo riceverai 3-5 giorni, altrimenti concedici 2-3 settimane per creare i tuoi gioielli mistici unici.

🖤Tutti gli ordini Mystic J vengono spediti con assicurazione tramite FedEx, DHL o correo españa e richiedono la firma del destinatario al momento della consegna.

🖤 ​​Gli ordini europei superiori a 200€ vengono spediti gratuitamente

🖤 ​​Gli ordini europei inferiori a 200 € pagano una tariffa forfettaria di 10 €

🖤Tutte le nostre spedizioni vengono effettuate dalla nostra sede di Alicante, in Spagna.

Your beautiful jewelry by Mystic J can last a lifetime with proper care since we only use precious metals and stones.

Whether you wear your pieces every day or save them for special occasions, you might notice that eventually, your jewelry has lost some of its brilliance. Fortunately, you can restore your pieces to their original shine and sparkle. 

There are a few general steps you can take to care of your jewels:

1. Your jewelry should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

Put jewelry on after applying hairspray and makeup. Perfumes, hairspray, lotion, and makeup usually contain harsh chemicals that can damage your beautiful jewelry. By waiting until you are all done with your beauty routine, you can avoid potential damage.

Always take off your jewelry first; this will ensure that your clothing does not snag on your sweater or T-shirt during the removal process. Inadvertent tension on the necklace while removing the shirt can cause the chain or rope to break! 

2. Remove your jewelry during activities.

We recommend taking off your jewelry while sleeping, taking a shower/bath, working out, swimming, going to a (hair)salon, cleaning. Since cleaning products can damage your jewelry or you might get it entangled somewhere. So take off any jewelry you wear and store it safely), and also sun ‘tanning’ or going out in direct heat or hard sunlight (because this might tarnish your jewelry or fade gemstones).

3. Carefully clean jewelry before storing.

We recommend cleaning your jewelry before storing it. Storing jewelry without removing dirt, oils, and other substances from your pieces can cause damage over time. You can clean your jewelry with a jewelry cleaning cloth after each use

4. Store your jewels correctly. 

Keep your jewelry secure in Mystic J’s original boxes, sines our packaging is designed to store your jewelry most securely. But do not store damp or wet jewelry. Damp jewelry can tarnish or corrode depending on the material, and it will create a humid environment in storage, which you should avoid for most pieces. 

Avoid storing jewelry in your bathroom because the humidity will have the same impact as leaving your pieces wet. We recommend also putting a piece of chalk or a bag of silica inside your jewelry box; it will absorb moisture and keep your jewelry clean longer. Change it for a new one every couple of months. In addition to all that, you can use a Ziploc or sandwich bag with the air squeezed out to prevent oxidation.

Besides, it is important to clean your jewelry appropriately. We recommend using different cleaning methods on other materials. You can regularly clean all your jewelry easily at home.

Sterling silver jewelry can be washed in warm water with baking soda or with soap softly, of course, if it isn’t black or oxidized silver. Then use a jewelry cleaning cloth and be sure to dry silver diligently as leaving it wet can cause tarnishing. 

To clean your Gold jewelry, we recommend soaking it in warm water with a little mild dishwashing soap for 20 to 40 minutes. If needed, use a soft cloth or soft toothbrush to rub or wipe the jewelry. The purer the gold in jewelry, the more prone it is to scratches, so be gentle while cleaning. Then carefully dry with a paper towel or jewelry cleaning cloth.

Platinum, like pure gold, this material will not tarnish. However, Platinum can still scratch, though it will not wear down over time. Treat this metal with soap and water, and then dry it with a paper towel or jewelry cleaning cloth. Take it to a professional for polishing if you would like your article to have its original shine.

You can clean your White Gold in the same way as your gold jewelry. Regular cleaning helps maintain shine and luster, but white gold jewelry begins to show its original yellow or gold color with excessive wear. Take your white gold jewelry to a professional once the original plating wears off, and a technician can re-plate these pieces.

Clean your Rhodium plated jewelry with warm water and mild liquid soap. Rinse and dry with a soft polishing cloth immediately to avoid mineral residue from the water. Never use any chemicals on your rhodium items. Never use toothpaste and never brush with a toothbrush.

While Diamonds add a radiant touch to any look, wearing diamond jewelry daily or regularly contributes to clouding. Dust and pollution over time also dull the brilliance of your diamonds. We recommend cleaning your diamonds with a mild dish soap water solution. Be sure to use a basic dish soap that does not contain detergents, as those could cause damage to your jewelry. Soak your diamond jewelry in a solution for about 20 to 40 minutes, gently brush the stone with a very soft toothbrush, and then rinse under warm running water.  

Ultimately, you can always take your jewelry to a professional for repairing or polishing. But the best method to clean your jewelry at home remains water soap solution. This is a good go-to method, mostly for all types of jewelry.

There are several options when it comes to knowing what your ring size is. However, most measuring tips require taking into account your knuckle that can be bigger than your finger and the size fluctuation, which changes depending on temperature. 

At Mystic J, we want to make it as easy as possible. So we recommend the simplest way that you know your ring size.

The first thing you should do is go in search of the ring for your jewelry storage. Choose a ring that fits well on the finger for which you want your new ring. It is important that it does not squeeze you or does not be too loose. Make sure that the ring you chose fits perfectly.

To measure the inside diameter of a ring, do it by placing it on top of a ruler in the same position as in the example in the photo. Make sure to place the ring on the ruler right in the center and count the millimeters (section according to the black arrow).

For example, if the diameter is 17.5 mm, your ring size is nº15ES or 7.5US.


Il tuo servizio clienti è eccezionale, la tua confezione è straordinaria e l'anello dell'Ariete che ho ricevuto finora è meraviglioso: ottima qualità! Il tuo regalo Poster è favoloso. Di solito odio ricevere poster, ma i tuoi rimarranno con me e li useranno spesso - è abbastanza carino da lasciare sul muro del mio ufficio! Ma quello che trovo più interessante è che i tuoi prezzi e la tua qualità sono migliori della maggior parte delle altre opzioni. Non potevo immaginare di avere gioielli di qualità fatti a mano così straordinari con questo prezzo competitivo

Alicia Ramon

Prodotti molto originali e di qualità, i disegni sono così unici, quando li uso le persone mi chiedono sempre dove li ho comprati. Anche il servizio clienti è eccellente.

Isabel Bruno

I disegni sono stupendi e non passano inosservati, mi è piaciuto tutto e sicuramente comprerò di nuovo un'altra volta. Grazie.

Narimene Mouaci

Questo è il terzo gioiello che acquisto da Mystic J. Massima qualità e un'ottima compagnia! Questo articolo è stato consegnato rapidamente e in una scatola molto bella. Il dettaglio è sorprendente e il braccialetto Leo è molto comodo da indossare. Estremamente soddisfatto! Grazie

Lorena Rodriguez

Très beau et original. Des bijoux d'excellente qualité qu'on ne peut trouver nulle part ailleurs. Je suis très satisfaite des bijoux que j'ai acheté. Merci Mystic J


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Mystic J esprime la bellezza, l'amore e la libertà dell'anima artistica nel modo più autentico. Pur essendo moderni, eleganti e unici, restituiamo ai gioielli il loro scopo principale: il significato! Ogni pezzo dei nostri preziosi gioielli sostenibili comunica l'essenza e l'energia di simboli esoterici, mistici o storici delle diverse culture espresse in uno stile unico di simmetrica avanguardia. Scopri la magia d'avanguardia, i design contemporanei unici, i raffinati gioielli mistici, eticamente fatti a mano in argento 925, oro 18 carati o oro 24 carati.

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