Surprising health benefits of wearing silver jewelry

Surprising health benefits of wearing silver jewelry

For centuries silver has been associated with wealth, luxury, and, more notably, its versatility. There was a time in history when sterling silver was super expensive and reserved for the elite. Fortunately, nowadays, it is one of the most affordable fine metals out there. Sterling silver is timeless and fashionable.

There are many reasons to be in love with sterling silver jewelry. First of all, it’s always trendy. To be realistic, Sterling Silver probably never will go out of style, which means there are endless possibilities. You can always match silver jewelry with any outfit, whether you are having a casual day or going out for a fancy dinner.

Another reason for sterling silver jewelry's popularity is its durability and easy maintenance. With proper care, your sterling silver pieces can last a lifetime. Furthermore, since it is the most affordable precious metal, there are endless variations of styles and designs to choose from and various price ranges. Finally, sterling silver gives you endless opportunities to enrich your everyday or special occasion look.  

But the subject we want to discuss in this article is the surprising health benefits of silver, another great reason to wear sterling silver jewelry.

As a metal, silver has significant health benefits that have been used in all cultures for centuries. It was once considered more valuable than gold due to its healthy benefits. Silver has a long history in antibiotics and sterilization. Sterling silver has been shown to be a powerful antibacterial agent that fights infections, helps prevent colds and flu, heals wounds, takes care of the skin, and more.

Silver also helps with internal heat regulation and circulation. Silver supposedly keeps our blood vessels elastic, allowing it to play a role in bone formation and healing, as well as skin maintenance and repair. Finally, silver has a direct tangible benefit in helping us avoid potentially toxic substances: Like a metal, silver reacts and changes color when it encounters many other chemicals that are known toxins. 

Silver has a clearly scientific basis for its health benefits derived from its electrical and thermal conductivity.


Silver prevents electromagnetic radiation from entering the body

Silver plays a vital role in avoiding electromagnetic radiation that is very harmful to the body. Silver contains positively charged ions, these ions will create a conductive field. This file will act as a shield and prevent electromagnetic radiation from entering the body and therefore the body will remain safe. This field is also very beneficial for marinating the natural electrical flow of our body. Through this field, the general regulation of heat and circulation of the body will also be maintained.

Silver acts as a bacteria fighting agent

Silver will fight bacteria. This is due to the positively charged ions in silver. In bacteria, there are negatively charged oxygen ions. Silver will fight these negatively charged ions and protect our body from the feeling of cold, flu and many other bacterial infections. Silver will disable the position of bacteria in the body and eventually kill the bacteria.

Silver helps in arthritis

Different researches have shown that if someone feels pain in their finger joints, they are suggested to wear a particular type of silver ring. Silver rings will go a long way in reducing arthritis pain. They are solutions to combat hyperextension in the joints of the fingers. They keep away the possibility of contracting chronic diseases. The researchers found that wearing these pieces of silver jewelry also helped restore stability and range of motion to inflamed joints.

Silver helps with anxiety

Certain types of jewelry can also be worn to help prevent anxiety and refocus. Simple Starling silver jewelry has been shown to have a calming effect that helps combat anxiety through repetitive motion. Those suffering from anxiety can silently spin their ring to help combat symptoms even in public. Try on different jewelry until you find one that fits you. For example, if a swivel ring doesn't help, try a silver bracelet or necklace. The method that applies to one person does not apply to everyone.

Go get your jewelry before you start to worry. When you start to feel muscle tension or your heart rate increases, it is better to use silver immediately rather than waiting for anxiety symptoms to get worse. This way, you can prevent them from getting worse before they appear. Choose a piece of jewelry that you like, because jewelry that you like will serve you best.

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A brief warning: Although silver has many proven (and unproven) health benefits, some people appeared to be allergic to silver jewelry. In reality, the allergy occurs when silver jewelry contains nickel (cobalt, chromium, or zinc). Many jewelry brands are using these alloys for their anti-tarnishing properties. But wearing such silver accessories to many people can cause irritation and discoloration of the skin. You may notice that the contact area with the accessories has scaly or red skin. Some people will even observe that their skin is slightly discolored from contact.

If you detect that you are allergic to silver, before buying silver items, make sure that it’s nickel-free, this is the most common reason for silver jewelry allergy.                 Yes silver will tarnish, but it is easy to clean and maintain for a lifetime with proper care. If you want to take advantage of silver health benefits, then the silver jewelry you buy should not be plated by other metals. For example, Rhodium plated silver is very common in the jewelry industry. Since rhodium does not cause any allergies and has anti-tarnish and anti-scratching properties, it is a great solution for jewelry makers, expansive though. But if another metal covers silver, you don't get the health benefits of this incredible metal.



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  • Luke Hawkins

    Such a wonderful article, thank you! It’s fascinating how bacteria’s negative ions can be neutralized by silver jewelry, killing the bacteria and protecting us from infections. Pretty great information! Without a doubt, I’ll purchase some fine silver jewelry for myself.

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