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The Unity of Avant-garde, Mysticism, and Fashion

Mystic J is a unity of Avant-garde, Mysticism, and Fashion. The brand's primary goal is to give a new life to the esoteric, mystic, or historical symbols and art from different cultures by converting them into Avant-garde jewelry, accessories, and clothes. Our unique designs are more than just beautiful and stylish art pieces; they transfer the esoteric symbols' history, meaning, and energy, where each detail is planned and designed precisely.

The Designer
Ekaterine chartolani

"Never give up on your dreams. It is never too late to turn your dream and passion into reality"

The roots

Mystic J was founded by Saleh Alda and Ekaterine Chartolani in the spring of 2020. After the founders developed the brand philosophy, concept, and creative direction, Diana Gelovani and Nanuka Chartolani joined the company as heads of the Marketing Production Department and Production Department. Leaders of each department built strong teams consisting of highly qualified professionals. As a result, in a concise time brand launched its first collection, "Astrology Collection," in January 2021.

mystic culture

At Mystic J, we created a strong culture of warmth and belonging where everyone is welcome. We believe that our culture of borderless collegiality, innovation, and creativity is a competitive advantage of our brand, and we go to great lengths to nurture it and preserve it. Our culture incorporates all aspects of who we are, how we do things, and what we stand for. Our core values are the backbone of our brand's culture, and this is how we aspire to do business every day — with our suppliers, partners, customers, communities, and each other.

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Ethically made

Can modern fashion jewelry carry a charm and mystery perceived in it, and sometimes, in addition to aesthetics, it adds more authenticity and even fills our daily lives with positive energy? Probably in the rare case where the goal and approach of its creators is one - to give it content and load that will be passed on to the person carrying it. That's the motivation for making the jewelry that Mystic J creates.

Mystic J is an ethical label creating offbeat fashion, high and future statement jewelry. Together with our customers, we express beauty, love, and freedom of artistic soul through our ethically handmade products. The unique concept and special components turn Mystic J into a unique underground brand creating meaningful fashion jewelry, accessories, and clothes with an Avant-garde soul. Mystic J creates a new jewelry era through sustainability, uniqueness, distinctiveness, and diversity.