Astrology Collection ⚛️

Astrology is Mystic J's first Collection, which is extremely special, dear, and emotional to us. Our Astrology Collection translates each zodiac sign into unique, timeless jewelry. We express specific qualities of 12 astrological psycho-type through our Avant-garde magic. The intention of creating twelve different worlds of twelve zodiac signs turned into the one majestic world of Mystic J.
"With Astrology Collection, I want to reveal deep messages that each zodiac sign carries and that all of them are equally special," says our Creative Director & Designer Ekaterine Chartolani. Our Avant-garde statement jewelry is not just zodiac sign jewelry; they translate the meaning of each symbol and message of each zodiac sign. So besides wearing your zodiac sign jewelry, Ekaterine advises wearing the jewelry according to the meanings of the symbols. For example, that can be the sign whose qualities you lack the most! Each piece from Astrology Collection is unique, ethically handmade of solid precious metals that you feel all the luxury of the metal and powerful energy of the symbol. You buy it once, and you wear it forever. One of the key points of our uniqueness is the perfect combination of the symbols that count 25 000 years and symmetric Avant-garde that is our unique style - modern, fresh, and fashionable. The wisdom of the past and the awareness of the present moment create a beautiful future!

Read an interesting interview on Astrology Collection with our Creative Director & Designer, Ekaterine Chartolani.

Cancer Earrings, Sterling Silver 925, Mystic Fashion Jewelry.
Avant-garde statement Aries Rings in Sterling Silver 925 Gemini Ear Cuffs, Gemini Ring, Statement Fashion Jewelry
Libra Ring, Libra Bracelet in Sterling Silver 925, Mystic Fashion Jewelry Black Scorpio Jewelry with Sparkling Diamonds
Aries Jewelry

Be the best, be the first ♈

Taurus Jewelry

Don’t talk - act; Don’t say - show; Don’t promise - prove ♉

Gemini jewelry

I am a simple person with a complicated mind ♊

Cancer jewelry

Being happy doesn't take that much ♋

Leo jewelry

Be the center of attention ♌ 

virgo jewlery

Anything worth doing is worth doing right ♍

Libra jewelry

Harmony of your thoughts, words, and actions is the key to happiness ♎

scorpio jewelry

I'm Sexy, Powerful, Mystical! Remember, I can play your game better ♏️

Sagittarius jewelry

Happiness is a mood, positivity is a mindset! Making the conscious and continuous decision to choose positivity is key to happiness! ♐️

Capricorn jewelry

DREAM big, WORK hard, stay FOCUSED and surround yourself with GOOD people ♑️

Aquarius jewelry

Be authentic! Creativity, originality, and progress are key to happiness! ♒️

Pisces jewelry

Never stop dreaming! Dream until your dreams come true ♓️