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Mystic J's Scorpio jewelry is inspired by the unique characteristics of the Scorpio zodiac sign, its symbol's meaning, and its positive energy. Scorpio is known as one of the most powerful and mystical zodiac signs. The symbol of Scorpio reminds us that the ability to transform and be reborn like a phoenix is ​​sometimes the only thing that helps us to go on. Scorpio symbolizes sexuality and magnetism. That is why, with the unique design of Scorpio jewelry, we emphasized this sign's mesmerizing sexuality, mysticism, and strength. The original design of the Scorpio jewelry is black; however, upon customer request, we added a silver design. The unique pieces of Scorpio jewelry became Mystic J's signature and iconic design upon its appearance. Scorpio jewelry is the sexiest and most mystical manifestation of our symmetrical avant-garde.

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The unity of Avant-garde, Mystic, and Fashion.
Mystic J is all about expressing beauty, love, and freedom of the artistic soul most authentically. While being modern, stylish, and unique, we give back to the jewelry its primary purpose - meaning! Each piece of our sustainable precious jewelry communicates the essence and energy of esoteric, mystic, or historical symbols from the different cultures expressed in a unique style of symmetric Avant-garde. Discover avantgarde magic, Innovative Unique Designs, Contemporary Fine Mystic Jewelry, Ethically Handmade in 925 Silver, 18Karat Gold or 24Karat Gold.

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Symmetric Avant-garde is a unique style of Mystic J that exquisitely expresses our essence. We promote fresh and extraordinary style in Fashion with our unique contemporary designs. You can create majestic looks for casual or special events through Mystic J jewelry sets. Jewelry has the power to make you feel special and point out your personality. Through your original style, you can show your authentic self best. So get your Mystic J-eys and express your uniqueness freely in symmetric Avant-garde!