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Mystic J

The unity of Avant-garde, Mystique, and Fashion.

Mystic J is all about expressing beauty, love, and freedom of the artistic soul most authentically. While being modern, stylish, and unique, we give back to the jewelry its primary purpose - meaning! Each piece of our sustainable precious jewelry communicates the essence and energy of esoteric, mystic, or historical symbols and art from the different cultures, expressed in a unique style of symmetric Avant-garde.

Discover Mystic World of Unique, Contemporary, Fashion and High Jewelry uniting the Past, Present, and Future!

Ethically Handmade in Sterling Silver 925, 18 Karat Gold or 24 Karat Gold.

Take Your Style To The Next Level With Mystic Jewelry

Gold ♾️ Silver

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▲ As Unique As You ▲

Symmetric Avant-garde is a unique style of Mystic J that exquisitely expresses our essence. We enhance the fresh and extraordinary new style in Fashion with our unique contemporary designs.

Through Mystic J jewelry sets, you can create majestic looks for casual or special events. Jewelry has the power to make you feel special and point out your personality. Through your original style, you can show your authentic self best.

Get your Mythic J-eys and express your uniqueness freely in symmetric Avant-garde!!

Astrology Collection ⚛️

Astrology is Mystic J's first Collection, which is extremely special, dear, and emotional to us. Our Astrology Collection translates each zodiac constellation signs into unique, timeless jewelry. We express specific qualities of 12 astrological psycho-type through our Avant-garde magic.

Aries Ear Cuffs, Fashion Jewelry, Mystic Jewelry Black Scorpio Choker with a Sparkling Diamond


Jewelry with Meaning
Taurus zodiac sign Jewelry, Mystic J Earrings Necklace Unique Statement Taurus Necklace in 18K Gold


Fully & Ethically
Unique Avant-garde statement Gemini Jewelry in Sterling Silver 925 Black Scorpio Earring and Choker with Sparkling Diamonds

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Mystic Jewelry in Sterling Silver 925 Unique statement Cancer Ring and Bracelet in 18K Gold


Aries zodiac sign painting
Mystic Art


4 Elements
Aquarius, the last air zodiac sign, symbol of progress and originality. Aquarius rules 11th astrological house of friendship and universal dreams.
Mystic art


4 Elements
Virgo zodiac sign painting
Mystic art


4 Elements
Scorpio zodiac sign Painting by Nanuka Chartolani, Mystic J
mystic art


4 Elements
new collection
mystic nano

Comfy and stylish genderless accessories that you can wear at any age to effortlessly style up your original look.

Fashion statement earrings inspired by Pisces zodiac sign
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Pisces Earrings - Ethically handmade of Sterling Silver 925, with black and white Diamonds 0.017CT. Contemporary unique design by Mystic J, for your extraordinary look. #metal_sterling-silver-925
Pisces Earrings - Ethically handmade of Sterling Silver 925, with black and white Diamonds 0.017CT. Contemporary unique design by Mystic J, for your extraordinary look. #metal_sterling-silver-925
Pisces Earrings
Mystic J
Silver 925|18K Gold|Precious metals

Uniqueness is a key value that drives our brand. Mystic J is all about being special, original, extraordinary, stylish, and sustainable!

Fully & Ethically HANDMADE

As Unique As You

Since we prefer quality over quantity, we provide high-quality limited edition products. Our jewelry is handmade to order. So each piece is manufactured individually for each customer, which adds more value to the jewelry.

Mystic J

Community of Avant-garde Magic!

Each of you is special to us! As our customer, you become a valuable member of our Avant-garde Magic community since we share the same interests and passion for fashion, originality, and extraordinary style with deep meaning.

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Avant-garde statement jewelry in Sterling Silver 925
Sagittarius statement Ring in Sterling Silver 925
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Made to order principle

Our jewelry is mainly made to order.

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