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Mystic J

Mystic J is a unity of Avant-garde, Mystic, and Fashion. The brand's primary goal is to give a new life to the esoteric, mystical, or historical symbols and signs from different cultures by converting them into Avant-garde jewelry, accessories, and clothes.
Our unique designs are more than beautiful and stylish art pieces; they transfer the esoteric symbols' history, meaning, and energy, where each detail is planned and designed precisely.

Mystic J was founded in the spring of 2020 by Saleh Alda and Ekaterine Chartolani. After founders developed brand philosophy and creative direction, Diana Daria Gelovani and Nanuka Chartolani joined the company as heads of the Marketing Production Department and Production Department. Heads of each department built strong teams consisting of highly qualified professionals. As the result of hard work in a concise time brand launched its first collection, "Astrology Collection," in January 2021.

Mystic Team


Saleh Alda

Mystic J’s founder and CEO, Saleh Alda, has developed a unique business model that guarantees quality product production and great customer service. Mystic J's one of the most crucial priorities is customer satisfaction.

Saleh uses his knowledge and background in SD to create a sustainable business environment reflected in each product by fashioning them individually for each customer after the order is made.

We avoid mass production since it has damaging influence on the planet. Saleh developed social responsibility policy and the plan of actions that we incorporate in brand culture, and we practice it in our everyday work.

Saleh holds a Ph.D. in Sustainable development, a master’s degree in Nano Science and Technology and International Business Development, and a bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

Creative Director and Designer

Ekaterine chartolani

Mystic J’s Creative Director and Designer, Ekaterine Chartolani, creates avant-garde jewelry that expresses the beauty, history, meaning, and powerful energy of esoteric signs and symbols from different world cultures. She designs each mystical and esoteric jewelry in the way that they express the energy that the sign holds. At the same time, all her designs are unique, stylish, extraordinary, and majestic. Her symmetric avant-garde style is mesmerizing that awakens beautiful deep emotions. Astrology inspired her first designs, so Mystic J’ first launched “Astrology Collection.” Her designs for the second collection are inspired by alchemical symbolism. “Alchemy Collection” is planned to launch in autumn 2021.

Ekaterine holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Culture, a master’s degree in International Business Administration, and a bachelor’s degree in Law

Production Director

Nanuka Chartolani

Nanuka Chartolani, the brand's Production Director, transforms our unique designs into majestic jewelry through her professional team of jewelry masters. Nanuka, by her artistic paintings, gives a soul to each of our designs. In addition to painting, she also creates fascinating designs (Leo Jewels – Astrology Collection).
She is ahead of our fully handmade production process. We start our jewelry designing by putting our imagination on paper. Sketching our designs artistically contributes to expressing the meaning, emotion, and energy that emanates from each symbol. Then we continue by drawing them precisely that are transformed through 100% handmade work to the final product by our pro silversmiths and goldsmiths. Our final product is going through various quality control before delivering to our dear customers.

Nanunka holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and she has 10 years of experience in project management of universal design, accessibility standards, and accessibility audit

Marketing Production Director

Diana Gelovani

Mystic J's Marketing Production Director, famous TV producer Diana Daria Gelovani, takes the brand promotion to the next level by organizing unique, extraordinary, artistic, and meaningful photo sessions with a strong avant-garde art message. Through her priceless work, Diana Daria translates our brand message of Meaningful Fashion to the public. Under her direction is created all Mystic J’s fashion photos and videos.

Diana Gelovani holds a master’s degree in International Business Management and Media communication and PR, bachelor’s degree in Journalism.  

Mystic J is a special brand with a strong philosophy of creating an Avant-garde art community. Together with our customers, we are simply expressing beauty, love, and freedom of artistic soul through our handmade products.
All these wonderful components turn Mystic J into a unique brand creating meaningful fashion jewelry, accessories, and clothes with an Avant-garde soul.

Ekaterine Chartolani
Wear precious jewelry with meaning!