Diana Gelovani & Ekaterine Chartolani - Mystic Team, Avant-garde Jewelry
Mystic J


Avant-garde Magic

Mystic J was founded by Saleh Alda and Ekaterine Chartolani in the spring of 2020. After the founders developed the brand philosophy, concept, and creative direction, Diana Gelovani and Nanuka Chartolani joined the company as heads of the Marketing Production Department and Production Department. Leaders of each department built strong teams consisting of highly qualified professionals.

Saleh Alda

Mystic J's founder and CEO, Saleh Alda, has developed a unique business model that guarantees sustainable and quality product production. Saleh uses his knowledge and background in Sustainable Development to create a sustainable business environment reflected in each product by fashioning them to order exclusively for each customer. Besides, Saleh developed a social responsibility policy and a plan of action that we incorporate into brand culture and practice in our everyday work.

Creative Director and Designer
Ekaterine chartolani

Mystic J's co-founder and Creative Director, Ekaterine Chartolani, creates Mystic Jewelry that expresses the beauty, history, meaning, and powerful energy of esoteric symbols and art from different world cultures. Ekaterine's concept of Jewelry Design Art is to create timeless precious pieces with meaning, uniting the past, present, and future. She creates not just jewelry but a wholly distinct fashion jewelry style - symmetric Avant-garde. The inspiration for her first collection is Astrology, where she translated each zodiac sign into contemporary fashion jewelry. Space, Alchemy, and Zen inspire her following collections with unique, offbeat designs.

Production Director
Nanuka Chartolani

Nanuka Chartolani, the brand's Production Director, transforms our unique designs into exquisite jewelry through her professional team of jewelry masters. Nanuka, by her artistic paintings, gives a soul to each of our designs. She is the head of our fully and ethically handmade sustainable production process. We start our jewelry design by putting our imagination on paper. Creation art sketches of our designs contribute to expressing the meaning, emotion, and energy that emanates from each symbol.

Marketing Production Director
Diana Gelovani

Mystic J's Marketing Production Director, Diana Daria Gelovani, takes brand promotion to the next level by organizing unique, extraordinary, artistic, and meaningful photo sessions. Diana translates our brand message of Meaningful Fashion to the public through her collaboration with different artists. Under her direction is created all of Mystic J's fashion photos and videos.

Each of Mystic J's piece carries a message and tells a story. Behind esthetics is the meaning. Through our photo and video sessions, I aim to deliver our brand message based on authenticity and uniqueness. The unique style is what we are concerned about, not trends. Trends fade over time; authentic style is forever. -Diana Gelovani

Join us and create a new jewelry era!

Mystic J is a unique brand with the concept of creating an Avant-garde art community. Together with our customers, we are simply expressing beauty, love, and freedom of artistic soul through our ethically handmade products.