Ekaterine Chartolani - Co-founder, Creative Director of Mystic J
the creative director

Ekaterine Chartolani

Art is the best form of self-expression

Diana Gelovani & Ekaterine Chartolani - Mystic Team, Avant-garde Jewelry
Avant-garde Magic
Everything you can imagine is real

These powerful words by Pablo Picasso inspired Ekaterine Chartolani to convert her sketches into unique Avant-garde statement jewelry and create the majestic world of Mystic Jewelry.

Mystic Style

Ekaterine's designs transmit delightful, mysterious vibes based on Yin and Yang concepts where dark and light, sun and moon, male and female, cold and hot, and active and passive work together to maintain balance in the world.
The beauty of meaningful designs lies in transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Mystic designs by Ekaterine Chartolani are a fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary style. The unique Mystic Jewelry translates the essence and meaning of age-old symbols and art of worldwide cultures. She designs jewelry that captures the mystic essence and emphasizes the authenticity of a person.

Ekaterine Chartolani - Co-founder, Creative Director of Mystic J, Jewelry Designer


The symbols that remind us about our power and inspire the uniqueness and authenticity of each person are the main inspiration for Ekaterine's designs. The synthesis of fashion, mysticism and art from different cultures converted to timless Mystic Jewelry unites past, present, and future.

Never give up on
your dreams

Ekaterine was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in a family of Doctors and academics. Even though she graduated with bachelor's and master's degrees in Law, a master's degree in International Business Administration, and worked in her field years, she always wanted to convert her passion into work. After moving to Spain, she started her PhD. in Economy, Business, and Society. But during pandemics and lockdowns, when everything was stopped, her colleague, a Doctor of Sustainable Development, Saleh Alda, offered her to start a sustainable jewelry brand.

Own Your Authentic Style

The concept of Mystic J is about reinforcing the uniqueness of each person. We all are different and unique. The world is beautiful because of diversity and differences. What you wear and how you feel reflects your inner personality. Trends fade style is forever!

"Never give up on your dreams. It is never too late to turn your dream and passion into reality" - Ekterine Chartolani