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Leo Jewels

Leo jewels are inspired by the royal zodiac sign Leo. Leo is the second fire zodiac sign ruling the fifth astrological house of passion, art, and joy.

Leo is governed by the sun, the planet representing the spirit of life, creativity, energy, vitality, and vigor. In many cultures worldwide, the spiral symbolizes the sun.

So we unite the sun and Leo symbols to create extraordinary Avant-garde statement jewelry, expressing the Leo zodiac sign's powerful energy and royalty.
Leo also is known as a symbol of love. The Leo symbol reminds us that we should love and nourish ourselves first and then anybody else!

Leo zodiac sign painting by Nanuka Chartolani, Mystic J
Avant-garde statement Gemini Bracelet

Mystic J, more than jewelry.

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The unity of Avant-garde, Mystic, and Fashion.
Mystic J is all about expressing beauty, love, and freedom of the artistic soul most authentically. While being modern, stylish, and unique, we give back to the jewelry its primary purpose - meaning! Each piece of our sustainable precious jewelry communicates the essence and energy of esoteric, mystic, or historical symbols from the different cultures expressed in a unique style of symmetric Avant-garde. Discover avantgarde magic, Innovative Unique Designs, Contemporary Fine Mystic Jewelry, Ethically Handmade in 925 Silver, 18Karat Gold or 24Karat Gold.

Discover simply the most stylish mystic jewelry with meaning!

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