Can modern fashion jewelry carry a charm and mystery perceived in it, and sometimes, in addition to aesthetics, add more authenticity to the style and even fill our daily lives with positive energy? Probably in the rare case where the goal and approach of its creators is one - to make it with meaning and load that will be passed on to the person carrying it. That is Mystic J's motivation to create unique designs for each mystical jewel, which tells a story and voices a powerful message.


In Mystic J, we only create unique designs that compose our unique style of Symmetric Avant-garde. What we love the most is the process of jewelry designing and crafting. Our manufacturing processes are sustainable, entirely & ethically handmade from design to the final product.

Jewelry designing is an art, and art without meaning is just decoration. Together with uniqueness, we value the meaning behind each symbol. So, we don't just focus on aesthetics; we believe each jewelry piece should also carry a meaningful message. That's why every Mystic J creation is infused with symbolic power, conveying a powerful energy that transcends its gorgeous exterior.

Go for Extraordinary!

Unique Avant-garde statement Gemini jewelry in Sterling Silver 925
Pisces Mystic Jewelry in Sterling Silver 925 with sparkling Diamonds

Mystic J positions as a socially responsible brand. We are implementing sustainability as much as possible. Thereof, we don't have mass production. Each piece of our unique jewelry is fully and ethically handmade to order, only in recycled precious metals and stones. We use quality materials free of nickel, zinc, and any substances that cause allergies. Besides sustainability, fully handmade each piece is truly unique. Most of our jewels are massive, Avant-garde statement pieces. You wear it and feel the quality and preciousness of natural metals.
Buy once and wear forever!

Handmade With Love

Did you know that the jewelry must be entirely hand-shaped and formed from the raw materials to be called handmade? Quite simply, in order to be described as handmade, the metals must be manipulated by handwork only, as we do at Mystic J. We use traditional techniques such as hammering, soldering, and stone setting. Once the piece is complete, it is polished and finished to create a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry. Handmade jewelry is unique and special because it is crafted by an individual artist rather than mass-produced in a factory. So, being handmade also means that no item of one design can ever be 100% identical. No two pieces are exactly the same. You can be sure that you will wear a jewel made exclusively for you.

Handmade jewelry means better quality not only because of the premium material but also because of the ability to monitor and supervise the jewelry-making process from start to finish. Unlike a large factory, we look for beauty in each piece and make sure that all the jewels that leave our workshop are special and precious. Completely handcrafted pieces are made to last for years. They do not cause allergic reactions due to hidden hard metal or other elements that an industrial jewelry manufacturer might use to cut production costs.
So when you choose handmade limited edition jewelry, you choose the best!

Additionally, by buying handmade jewelry, you support local artists and small businesses, which helps to promote the local economy.

Ethically Made

What does ethically made mean? Why is it important ? Ethically made is a term used to describe products that are created in an ethical and socially responsible way. In our case, this includes ensuring that the materials used, the production process and the working conditions of those producing the product are all ethical and meet certain standards. It includes using sustainable materials, paying fair wages, and providing safe working conditions.
Ethically made products may cost more than their non-ethically made counterparts, but they help to guarantee that the people producing them are treated justly and that the environment is not being damaged in the process. By buying ethically made products, you support companies prioritizing ethical practices and social responsibility. Additionally, these products are of higher quality and last longer than their non-ethically made counterparts.

Unique Packaging

We fashioned unique, original, and sustainable packaging to showcase Mystic Jewelry in a stylish and sophisticated way. Our boxes are designed with a unique combination of sophistication and creativity to reflect the unique symbolisms of each jewelry piece. Mystic boxes are fully and ethically handmade with sustainable and quality materials. Our jewelry packaging is not just stylish but also ideal for storing precious jewelry safely.

Our Mystic boxes carry an aura of elegance and beauty, making them the perfect gift for your loved ones.

Mystic Box