Scorpio Ring in Sterling Silver 925 with a Sparkling Diamond

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The Unity of Avant-garde, Mysticism, and Fashion
Unique statement Capricorn Necklace in 18K Gold

18k Gold

Avant-garde statement Taurus Ring, Taurus Bracelet

Sterling silver 925

Discover collections by Mystic J, an outstanding selection of distinct, original, stylish, and ethically handmade contemporary, fashion, fine, high, and future jewelry. Style your bold, authentic, or sexy look with unique Mystic Jewelry. Choose your Mystic Jewelry from our great selection of Rings, bracelets, necklaces, chokers, ear cuffs, earrings, and other fashion accessories in Silver and Gold.

Pisces Mystic Jewelry in Sterling Silver 925 with Sparkling Diamonds
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Make it a Gift to Remember.

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Mystic J is a unity of Avant-garde, Mysticism, and Fashion, creating unique, offbeat designs of limited-edition Mystic Jewelry. Choose the piece that brights your personality and highlights your authentic style. Each Mystic piece is ethically handmade exclusively for you.


Aries Ring Unisex in Sterling Silver 925
Avant-garde statement Aries Rings in Sterling Silver 925

Astrology is Mystic J's first Collection, which is extremely special, dear, and emotional to us. Our Astrology Collection translates each zodiac sign into unique, timeless jewelry. We express specific qualities of 12 astrological psycho-type through our Avant-garde magic. The intention of creating twelve different worlds of twelve zodiac signs turned into the one majestic world of Mystic J

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Comfy and stylish genderless accessories that you can wear at any age to effortlessly style up your original look.

Your Mystic Jewelry introduces you before you even speak

Mystic J prioritizes authenticity and uniqueness. Jewelry and accessories play a big part in expressing ourselves through authentic style. You can style the same outfit in different ways with unique jewelry. Check out our collections in Silver & Gold. You'll find many options to style up and feel special. Create different looks with Mystic Jewelry and spice up your casual or special outfits.