Aries Ring and Aries Ear cuffs, entirely and ethically handmade of Sterling Silver 925.

Aries Mystic Jewelry: Fearlessly Authentic

Aries - Jewelry Design Art 
Aries Jewelry is inspired by the bravest and most energetic zodiac sign Aries. Mystic J's Aries jewels are contemporary pieces with bold designs that introduce you before you even speak. This is the jewelry that fashionably demonstrates strength, boldness, courage. Aries Jewelry is all about fearless authenticity when the mind steps out of the way and lets the soul shine through. The symbol of Aries focuses your attention on whatever resonates with you, not only what looks good on the outside but feels good on the inside.
Aries is the first zodiac fire sign. It is a cardinal sign with masculine energy ruling the first astrological house of self. The symbol of Aries, the ram, represents boldness, courage, and unstoppable energy. It is a powerful symbol reminding us to listen to our true self and fearlessly pursue our desires and goals first. 
Aries zodiac sign is governed by the powerful planet Mars. Mars corresponds to Ares, god of war and courage in Greek mythology. In astrology, Mars is the planet of energy, action, and desire. Basically, Mars rules our animal instincts for aggression, anger, and survival. Also, sport, competition, and our sexual desires, associated with basic body attraction, come under the rule of Mars. However, the negative expression of Mars is aggressiveness, quick temper, and an unquenchable thirst for conflict.
These traits explain the nature of the Aries zodiac sign, its desire to be the first and the best.
Aries Mystic Jewelry set includes unique Avant-garde statement Ring, Ear Cuffs, Necklace, Anklet, Brooch, and fake Tragus Piercing. These contemporary, timeless pieces are fashioned for people who love modern, bold, and wild style.
Unique designs of Aries jewelry are entirely and ethically handmade of recycled nickel-free, Sterling Silver 925 or 18K Gold to order. On the Aries jewelry is a hand-engraved Aries symbol to point out the powerful qualities of the sign.
Aries Ring is a unique Avant-garde statement accessory making your fashion look distinct and memorable. The unique ring of Aries is designed for middle finger and it is not adjustable. This chunky ring will add your look originality and fiery vibes of Aries.
Aries Ring - unique Avant-garde Statement Ring
Aries Ear Cuffs are extraordinarily original and comfortable Avant-garde statement earrings without the need for perforation. These contemporary ear cuffs not only make your look stand out but also emphasize your face beautifully.
Aries Ear Cuffs
Aries Necklace is attractive statement jewelry that converts any look extraordinarily fashionable. Aries necklace is massive but light. Therefore you can wear it comfortably on any casual or special occasion all day long.
Aries Necklace - unique Avant-garde statement necklace.
Aries Anklet is an exceptionally sexy and fashionable ankle bracelet that fits your high heels or other shoes. Aries anklet is an adjustable and comfortable accessory that will emphasize the beauty of your legs elegantly. 
Aries Anklet - ethically handmade Anklet in Sterling Silver 925
Aries Brooch - original detail to your casual or special outfit. You can make your look unique with addition of our Aries brooch.
Aries Brooch - ethically handmade unique Brooch in Sterling Silver 925
Aries Piercing is a unique fake Tragus piercing. It is a perfect selection if you love the piercing look but don't want to commit.   
Aries fake Tragus Piercing

For extra originality, combine the Aries Mystic Jewelry set. By wearing them together, you can stand out from the rest with the unique style of symmetric Avant-garde.
Aries Mystic Box - unique handmade Aries Jewelry set in Sterling Silver 925

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